Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dear Life

Dear Sara,
Thank you for inspiring me to start "Dear Life" which is a blogger letter to the person/thing you love and why. I love the idea of sharing the things I am most grateful for. You are always a great inspiration to me. Thanks for being so awesome, this one is for you.

Dear Christmas,
Thank you for all the magic that you bring. Not necessarily presents, but moments in time when the world seems perfects. Thank you for:
Little girls and boys in their Christmas outfits (especially the big frilly dresses)
The 12 days of Christmas
The Advent Calendar (I love the little treats each day)
Festival of Trees
Gingerbread houses (even if I did order premade gingerbread online since I can't make it!)
Lights at Temple Square
Caramel apples
Christmas concerts (Peter Brienholt, Kirt Bestor, Forgotten Carols)
Receiving Christmas cards in the mail (finally something that's not bills)
Watching/reading the Nativity Story
The blooming Amaryllis Flower

This is the Amaryllis. I took this picture on the night that it snowed all night. There was so much light outside and it was casting a beautiful shine on the flower. In the past this flower only has one bloom, but ours had four flowers that came out this time. It is so fun to watch it bloom in the middle of winter.

The other two pics are recent ones of Liam. One with the hat that has stayed on his head all week whenever we go out since its been so cold outside. The other with him drinking from a glass. He loves drinking from a cup way more than using a sippy. We'll see how that goes!