Monday, November 26, 2007

Confessions of a Housewife

I start out with a disclaimer that these confessions are just my random thoughts put into words. Mostly for the girls I used to work with and my other housewife friends who completely sympathize. Thank you for not judging me by this or any future confessions I may make.

So I think this might have to be a regular part of our blog. Ben can update his life with "Confessions of a Professional." A professional what . . . well that's up to him. Anyway, so I will just start telling my stories. So the last 3 pots of rice I've tried to make have gone to pot. I've either burned, undercooked, or not added enough water. So yesterday Ben had the great idea to make rice pudding for breakfast. I was suppose to be watching it, and all the milk overflowed into the burner. No, the rice pudding did not turn out. So today when making lunch, I was left to attend Ben's family recipe for Mac N Cheese, when the stove top caught on fire because yesterday I forgot to clean to burner. Of course I was freaking out and laughing all at the same time, and Ben was not available to help (ehem, he was occupied on the can) so I was running around the kitchen waving my arms with dish towels so the smoke detector would stop, while trying not to pee my pants. (All the while Liam didn't even blink at the alarm - weird) The Mac N Cheese did turn out, luckily. But I did spent a good 45 minutes cleaning out the pot used for the above mentioned dish. Oh yeah, and I pulled the blinds in the kitchen down, and they came unscrewed and fell down on top of me. That was fun too.
Then this afternoon, I was changing Liam's diaper -- which as a side note, when feeding your baby solids for the first time, go easy on the prunes -- his poop was so liquidy when I went to clean him the wipe slipped right off his butt and spread poop all over my pants. Good times.
Oh, and by the way I'm never watching reality TV again. I am going to fight for the return of the sitcom. Any old loser can be on reality TV. I will admit, I am sorely bitter about the results of "The Bachelor." There was a part of me that loved watching these girls fall in love with Brad, I don't know, something cute and romantic. Whatever. No more reality TV.
Ok, maybe American Idol, but that's it.
My little baby is still napping. Normally that would be great, but now its 8:15 pm. I've gone in and turned the TV on, walked around making noise, nothing. He is conked. He's just so snuggly and peaceful. He won't be snuggly and peaceful tomorrow morning at 4 am! I guess I better sign off and get that boy up!

We have so much to be thankful for

Even though our Utes didn't win, at least Liam looks cute in red!

Check out how long the chompers are getting! Yikes! I'm scared.

So for anyone who doesn't know, our favorite neighbors Robin and Troy adopted our little weiner doggies. Look how spoiled they are with their sweaters. And yes, they each have more than one.

Having fun on the slide at our friend Liz's house! Look at the mini rock wall for the kids. Hilarious.

This is Liam trying to get out of a nap by laughing and being cute.

This Thanksgiving was really special for me. I realized how great it is to have the most simple things of life. My father-in-law was over the other night and he told Ben how happy he was to see our fridge full of food. Not because we are eating well (and our bellies are starting to show it!) but that we are able to provide for ourselves. He said he can remember going to his sister's to babysit her kids when he was younger and they had NO food in their fridge. It really made me reflect on how good it feels that we can provide our little family with a warm place to live and that we've never gone hungry. We have clothes on our backs and loving families that surround us. It is so easy to get caught up in all consumerism this time of year, and all year really, so it was refreshing to take a step back and recognize all that we already have.

We all went over to Ben's parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I am soooo grateful both of our families get along so well and we are able to share the holidays together instead of splitting the day. Liam had fun throwing his toys on the ground and watching me pick them the whole time. He is to point where he loves holding his toys over the side of the high chair and dropping them. We have staring contests in the mornings, I think he's waiting for me to lose it!

Ahhhhh, and then there was the football game. So much for the "All Red Weekend" . . . we had face the hecklers at our ward on Sunday . . . errrr . . . that's why we may have to move out of the southern end of the valley! I just can't take some of BYUers. Oh well, hopefully next year . . .

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rock on Mike

Ben is always playing jokes on me. The other night, he fell asleep in bed while I was making Thanksgiving cards. So I climb into bed and lay my head on my pillow and feel this strange crinkling sound. I reach into my pillow to pull out a picture of Michael Bolton. Ben burst out laughing and said he thought I would sleep better if I looked at Michael Bolton's swaying curly mullet and lushous chest hair. Michael Bolton just epitamizes romance doesn't he! So I called Ben's assistant and asked her to put his picture as Ben's screen saver. Ben thought I snuck into his office! The office was in riots. So any of you have any good office jokes I can play on Ben -- email me directly!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Chomp Chomp is Right

So on Liam's one week anniversary of getting his teeth his took a divot out of my nip! (Can I say nip online?!) So I did everything that I had read I was suppose to do - scream (that was easy) bop him on the face (softly of course) and say no sternly. After all that, he just looked up with his big sparkling eyes and started laughing! I yelled for Ben to come get his son. Man I was so mad. I think that was the first time I was really so mad at Liam. I would take all the sleepless nights in the world over what is now termed "the bite". Those little chompers are razor sharp. I can't wait for when he's old enough for some meat -- I'll give him a big hunk of steak to gnaw on!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Little HalloWeenee

Here is Liam with his girlfriend Bianca! She is such a cutie, her and Liam are only a few weeks apart and have been cuddling from the start. I love seeing these two together, they are so funny when they see eachother.

So anyone who knows us well knows how crazy Ben and I are about the TV show "Arrested Development." This show introduced me to "The Blue Man Group" which I didn't know was the real deal until our last trip to Las Vegas in August where they were performing. I went to a Halloween party on Tuesday, and I was so excited when no one could recognize me! It took all I had not to laugh, but as soon as I did it gave it away who I was. When I got home, it took a good 40 minute shower to get all the blue out. But it as worth it to tribute these hilarious mimes!

Liam was a Pea Pod for Halloween! He was so cute. I looked quite a bit online for a costume, and when I saw this one I just busted up! I think he really liked wearing it, he didn't put up a fight one bit. On Sunday we had a family Halloween party at Ben's parents house and we did a mini trick or treat for all the kids. On Halloween morning we went to the parade at Sandy Elementary and then over to Ben's work to show his officemates Liam's costume. Our friend Teisha took this picture and touched it up, she did such a good job! Thanks Teisha!

Chomp Chomp

Liam got his two bottom teeth in! I can't believe it. The first one came through on the bottom right on Saturday, and the one the bottom left came through on Sunday. I was so surprised!