Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mahalo Maui!

First, Ben finally graduated with his MBA! We are just so excited to have a normal family life, and we have been enjoying every minute of it this week. For Ben's graduation, his parents took us to Hawaii and totally spoiled us! We had such a blast! Here are some photos:

Here we are at a Luau. Yes, I bought the way touristy hawaiian dress and wore it to the luau. Me and hundreds of other women that went. Its just part of the experience right!

Here's the Liam miaster being crazy in the pool. He loved splashing and laughing and getting water all over his face. He hated the ocean and the sand. I think the ocean was so big it overwhelmed him. And the sand, well, he kept rubbing it in his eyes. Not so fun for little babies.

Ben is so funny. He would not go tanning before we went because he had too much going on with finals. So he had to lather up with sunscreen to protect his white body. One day when we went out snorkling he decided to leave off the sunscreen for a little while, and he turned from man to lobster in 20 minutes! I was crying laughing! We got out of the water and he was bright red. But the front of his body is whiter now than when we left!

Just hanging out getting some lunch. The condo we stayed in was a dream come true for Liam because the living room had tile. He loves tile -- everything bounces!

Back home just being silly!

Top 10 Favorite things about our Hawaii vacation:

10. Not ever getting ready. Living in a bun, a swim suit, and stretchy gauchos.
9. Reading and finishing such a great book - The Secret Life of Bees.
8. Shopping.
7. Coral jewelry.
6. Volleyball on the beach.
5. Horseback riding.
4. Snorkling, swimming, and boogie boards.
3. Hello! Sun, sand and salt water! There's no better combo for a sweet vacation.
2. Sleeping in while my in-laws got up with Liam (I said we were spoiled!)
1. Spending the whole week with Ben and Liam!