Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day, "I want some!", and Sleep

Every year my family goes to my dad's grave site in Springville, Utah. I never really thought much of this tradition, but this year I gave it more thought. When we were driving down, I asked my mom if its a source of comfort for her. She said no. She said she still connects with my dad through so many other ways, that for her its getting us together for a drive so she can connect with us. We take a blanket and tell funny family memories, she tells us funny or poignant stories about our dad, and then we go out to lunch or to the Conoco on the corner where they sell delicious scones and other deep fried wonders.

Here's my little bro Richard being so hip with his new glasses. He's always soo into the current styles.

This is so funny. Every morning, no matter how much Liam has already eaten, he comes to the table if he hears me crunching on cereal. His little M&M eyes peering up at me "Um, mom, I want some." "Um, mom, can I have some?" For every bite I take, he has to have a taste. Its actually kind of funny because all I can usually see from my angle are his eyes. "Um, more please!"

The following is a series of my favorite sleep pictures. I think we have more picture of Liam asleep because he is SO funny with his sleep positions.

Just relaxing.
I'm sure this a yoga position.
Sunday afternoon naps with Dad are the best!
Order! Order! I demand another spoonful!
His mouth was wide open right before I took this picture.