Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The House Sold! Confessions, and Liam-isms!

Maybe if I wrote in some entries a little more often I wouldn't have to write so much! YES!! We sold our house! It was crazy, we had three offers come in on Monday, so we got exactly what we wanted! Yeah! I'm so glad that's done. And the cutest couple ever bought it, which makes it even sweeter. We want good people for our ward. The stressful news is we are moving in 2 weeks! Yikes! So we'll see how packing up everything and doing everything by myself will go. Ben is back in class 3 nights a week with intense homework the 4 mights he's home, so I'm back to single motherhood. But I'm just so happy everything worked out, nothing could take me off cloud nine this week.

A quick "Confessions of a Housewife"
First, only I would do this. So our realtor is so good at selling houses, but its because he has over 60 realtors that work for him in his office, so he nextworks well with all of them. He loaded about 50 in a greyhound bus and brought them over to highlight our house last week. Yeah, that's right. 50 strangers parading in and out of the house. They just parked the greyhound out front like nothing. All morning I was freaking out. I woke up at 6 am to start the frenzie of cleaning before they got here at 10 am. I was polishing the last of the glass when I heard a knock. So everyone came and left, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief until I walked over to the sink to find that I had left all my breast pump items in the sink!!! ugh! I was mortified! All these grown men either knew exactly what they were and were probably disgusted, or they had no idea. Ben keeps trying to convince me of the latter. Everything was spotless, and I kept thinking "I got to put those away somewhere . . . oh, I'll wash them really quick . . . oh shoot that still needs to be cleaned . . . I HAD better put those away before they get here . . . ok those are next on the list . . . " hmmmm. What do you do??

The day before was a huge storm. I thought I could move our 2,000 lb. garbage can by myself over by the fence. It was so snowy and slippery, the can hit some ice and pinned me down to the ground. I was in my jammies, no bra, and my slippers. The lid flipped up and hit me in the face and heavy garbage spilled out making the lid VERY heavy. I thought "What the heck! a) please someone, anyone find me and help me! b) oh I hope no one I know finds me; c) Liam is probably inside screaming by now. So you know when they talk about that crazy adrenaline that moms get when their baby is stuck under a car and they lift the car over their heads (does that really happen??) I thought of my little baby inside by himself and some insane strength came to me and pushed the can off! I was victorious over that stinky monster!! But I was soaked and majorly bruised.

The day before THAT we went up to see the new house. I was walking to look into the main front window when I disappeared! I fell right into a window well that covered over with large bushes. The well was so deep I was up to my chin. I can't believe I didn't break anything. Ben said it looked like when people get sucked into the ground in scary movies. And you know when you get hurt so bad you either burst out crying out or laughing?? I just burst out laughing because I was so embarrassed and shaken up. Oh man, its a jungle out there!

Here are some new pics of Liam. I realized that I only seem to take pictures of Liam when he is in his pajamas, so if you see a lot of him in the same blue outfits, that's why!

He just discovered the mirror on his play disc. He spends at least half an hour every day checking himself out!

Look how funny his feet are! He just started this new thing last week where he only sits with his legs crossed! It funny because he doesn't have very good balance when he sits like that, but he still crosses them all the time.

Feet crossed. I wonder if he sees me sitting indian style all the time and decided to give it a try!

He pulls all his toys out of his basket one by one.

Yeah! A fun discovery from the toy basket!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Selling a House = Craziness!

So I still can't believe we are selling our house. I am going crazy, I mean our house has only been on the market for 2 weeks and we've had a steady stream of people come and look, but I absolutely HATE the unknown and waiting. So this is the scoop: we found a house on forclosure that we fell in love with. We offered more than the bank was asking, but another guy got the house because he could move in right away. I was totally crushed because I got waaaay too emotionally invested (well, I could picture raising my kids there and Ben and I growing old there!) So we talked to our realtor and he said we should put our house on the market and see what comes along. His assistant sent us a listing for a house that was drastically reduced, so I drove the neighborhood and it was like magic. I went in the early afternoon when the whole neighborhood was crawling with cute little kids throwing snowballs at each other and just having a fun time. Its weird, I had spent the two hours prior driving neighborhoods looking at houses and nothing stuck out. But this house was just really different. Ben and I went back to drive the neighborhood that same night, walked through the house the next morning and offered that same day. Now some may say that's impulsive. But after HOURS of looking at houses online every single night for the past 4 months, and endlessly driving neighborhoods, we knew exactly what we wanted.
When Ben and I bought the house we live in now, I just felt that Heavenly Father really guided us here. And I feel that same way now, but its so hard to say that when we don't have the house yet and our contract is iffy. With the house we are trying to buy, the people moved out a few months ago because they had to relocate, so they are paying a double mortgage and are dying to sell their house. They accepted our offer, but if anyone else offers that can move in right away, they can take their offer with only a few days notice to us. Hence, massive anxiety for me! So anyone within the sound of my voice, call in your emergency prayers for us! Ha, love you all!