Friday, October 26, 2007

Growing strong!

Here is Liam enjoying some time with his uncle Richy Rich. Que Guapo!

Liam getting some loves from his papa before leaving for church.

Liam's first day of his new high chair. Yes folks, he is moving on to solids and loving it.

Liam's first taste of rice cereal. He kept trying to steal the bowl away -- he just wanted to drink it up! Yummy!

This month has been way fun! Its so true that every stage gets funner and funner. So Liam got his 3rd haircut already! His hair grows so fast. I spike it up, but if I let it get too long his hair gets crazy! Too bad its not curly.
So when I took him to the doctor's office early this month for his 4 month check up, he said Liam was ready for solids. I don't think I was quite prepared, I kind of got a tear in my eye. My babes is getting old! I was planning on exclusively nursing until he was 6 months, but the doc says the boy needs some food. It was so funny the first day, because I expected him to just open his mouth and start eating. Most of the cereal was all over his face and on his jammies. But after about 3 days he started opening his mouth big to eat a spoonful and is loving eating . . . well, not green beans. He does an awesome bitter beer face with green beans.
Not a whole lot new with Ben and I, I just finished reading Freakanomics -- I highly recommend it. It was such a good book, I could hardly put it down. Ok, and I hate to admit it, but we are totally hooked on "The Office" this season. Ben had a class on Thursday night scheduled for his next session, but I think he secretly changed it so we could have our Thursday ritual of oreo shakes with "The Office". I'm pretty sure we'll be buying the previous seasons because we never had time for TV before. I'm kind of having this mixed emotion going on because we used to always pride ourselves on not watching any TV, but when Liam goes to bed I just find that I can't get enough of reality TV! Horrible. Confessions of a housewife . . . more to come in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aaah Aaah Aaah Chooo

This night was so funny. I wish we had thought of recording when he was laughing hysterically, but this is still a pretty good clip of Liam having one of his laughing attacks. He was suppose to be in bed, but he just wasn't tired. When he got his second wind, boy he got it! Ben and I were sitting talking and playing with him, then I sneezed. It was over -- for the next 1/2 hour we were all laughing. Needless to say after that laughing fit he wasn't tired one bit. What do you do. But what a fun night!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Liam is now 4 months old!

Liam is just getting funner every day. This has been the month of squeals! Liam is cooing and squealing non-stop. He seems to always be saying “Look at me! Look how cute I am!” Then when we look over he gives us a huge smile showing off his gums.
When he’s sitting in his bouncy seat, he gives loud outbursts of coos, and seems to be saying “Look at how strong I am,” as he pumps his legs and arms as fast and hard as he can. He also holds his arms out stiff with his hands fisted and it looks like he’s riding a motorcycle. When he does this he purses his lips out like it takes all the concentration in the world to perform such a feat of strength.

Here is Liam snuggling with mama under some blankets!

Ben has started his balancing act with Liam. He will hold Liam in sitting position in his palm and balance him. At first it scared me to death because I was sure he was going to fall. Liam actually really loves it.

Drools! I think Liam will start teething soon . . . drool is everywhere now. His shirts get soaked now, and so do mine!

Another major development this month is Liam has found his thumb! He loves sucking his thumb! He also will suck any combination of two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, or even all five at a time. He does a pretty good job getting that whole fist to fit in his mouth too!

It has been so nice having Ben around more. He had 3 classes the first session of the semester so Liam and I were really missing him. Now he only has 2 and it seems so much more manageable. We are just clinging to the last days of warm weather. We have all really loved going on walks every day to the park or around the neighborhood. Its so beautiful outside with the leaves starting to change colors.

Well, we'll show you more next month!