Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A First Balloon, a First Swim Class, a 27th Birthday, and an Engagement

Wow! Who could have known that a balloon would bring such joy to a 7 month old! So we went to the dollar store yesterday to buy a little gift for one of my sunbeams. When Liam saw the balloon in the store he burst out laughing. He didn't stop laughing the whole way home. Liam has been playing with this balloon for HOURS since I brought it home. He refuses to play with anything else. When he woke up this morning he woke up looking for it! He will not let it go. He wraps the ribbon in his small fingers, pulls it through his two bottom teeth, bounces it all over the place, stares at it, accidentally lets it go, then cries for me to get it for him. He has figured out how to run the ribbon in his hands so he gets to the balloon and then back down to the very end of the ribbon so the balloon is touching the ceiling. I finally had to lay him on the couch today where he could reach the bottom of the ribbon if he happen to let go. He has been mesmerized. I couldn't help but think of that old movie "The Red Balloon." Such simple things can bring such happiness to a child. It has been fun to rediscover whatever it is that is that makes a balloon so magical.

Here is Liam in his swim trunks! We had our first Parent-Tot swim class on Friday. It was so fun! Liam really loved being in the water and surprisingly took very well to the swim techniques we learned. All the other babies were screaming their heads off but Liam seemed to be really enjoying himself. We had another class today and he was laughing through most of it. We learned to scoop water with our hands, kicking, floating on backs, finding the wall, and of course the famous dunk. I love how this swim program calls the babies "Diaper Dolphins." Its actually pretty crazy to see how good some of these little kids can swim! Anyway, I am really looking forward to these sessions of swimming with Liam, so far it has been a blast.

Ben had his 27th birthday yesterday. We had a lot of fun. I went into his work because the ladies there planned a little surprise party and ordered a delicious Hawaiian guava cake (best cake I've ever had!) and I took in a fudge cake and a fruit tart. It was really fun. Then we had dinner with our families at the Asian Star, Ben's favorite restaurant. I got Ben a really good surprise for his birthday -- and iPhone. Actually everybody pitched in for it. He really loves it! He doesn't know it, but I'm beginning what I call the "Mac-tifying Project." We have an ongoing war in our house over Mac vs. PC. I am one step closer with the iPhone!!

My last peice of news -- yes my little bro finally got engaged! We are so excited for him and Lara. He proposed on their one year anniversary. Richard did such a good job. He took her up to the Homestead for a carriage ride, dinner at the nice restaurant, and then a dip in the crater. Its been fun to see him so excited and giddy, and I really loved helping pick out the ring! And she loves it! Congrats again you two!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Simply said . . . What a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

I have to admit, I am so mad at myself. We got some video of Liam opening his presents but we forgot to get photos! These are some pictures I took of him on the morning of Christmas Eve. Ben calls them the "shepherd boy" photos. He was just so cute rolling around with his blanket.

Christmas this year was so great. We had so much fun. Liam made the holidays so much more meaningful. I spent more time reflecting on what's really important and what I want my children to know about Christmas. This year just felt really special to me. I'm sure it helped that I did all my christmas shopping online, so I wasn't ever in a bad mood from hectic holiday shopping!

For Christmas Eve we went to my mom's and had a huge seafood Paella with shrimp, salmon and crab legs. It was such a feast and sooo good. We stayed and hung out and watched movies. Then everyone (Ben's parents and my mom and brother) came over to our house Christmas morning to open presents and have Christmas brunch. I recently inherited Ben's grandma's fine china, so it was fun to have our brunch on nice china. We hung out all day eating treats, singing karaoke, doing puzzles, and watching movies. It was so fun to watch Liam open his presents. He had more fun with the paper than any of his toys. He got some fun toys. He has loved the musical toys he got. He got a guitar and maracas that sing in spanish and english. He is so curious and interactive now, he really enjoys playing and looking at books and watching people's faces and the sounds we make. He is such a little cutie! I just love how fun he is!

This New Year was really different. Every year my family goes down to Mexico and we celebrate New Year's with a big party eating lots of meat, downing 12 grapes right before midnight and then shooting rifles. Ben and I decided not to go this year and had a very quiet New Year celebration. We had some of our friends over for dinner and then just hung out and had some great laughs. After they left, we were both struggling to stay awake to see the ball drop in New York. It seemed so anticlimatic. Right after that we went and got in bed! The quietest New Year's ever!! I still wouldn't want to be anywhere else than right here on the couch next to my honey!