Friday, August 1, 2008

Liam's 1st Birthday and Top 10 Summer Fun

So Liam had his 1st birthday on June 5th, so I figured I better get some pictures up. I don't know exactly why, but I have had zero desire to blog lately, which is strange because we have had the funnest summer. I guess I really haven't had time more than anything. But I am recommitting myself to keep up on my blog!

Liam somber but happy in this pic.

He got his table that has activities all the way around. Wow, best toy ever. He plays on this thing like crazy.

Ok, this is definitely his favorite toy. Its a push walker that converts into a scooter. He laughs so much when he's pushing it around. The first time he did he laughed so much, he couldn't believe his legs were going so fast.

His first taste of chocolate cake! Thanks Gma Kingery for making such a yummy cake!

So here are two list for summer

Top 10 Funnest Summer Activities so far:
10. Weekly BBQ's at our house with friends/family we love.
9. Camping at Currant Creek and spreading Ben's grandma's ashes (interesting cultural experience - probably merits its own blog entry)
8. Going to Twin Falls with my cousins for the new temple open house. Such a fun weekend!
7. Taking a walk with Ben most nights. Actually, just having Ben home every night. What did I do before??? I absolutely love having him home! :)
6. Potluck in the Park with friends from our ward, ward softball, and ward dinner groups.
5. Hikes up Big Cottonwood Canyon
4. Instituting "Zero Work" Saturdays since Ben has graduated with his MBA and since we finished our kitchen remodel.
3. Going to SL Bee's games. I love the baseball environment! Ben mostly loves the hotdogs. My dream would be to have 10 sons and have them all play baseball!
2. Home improvement projects - I know I'm crazy, but it is some of the funnest bonding time Ben and I have!
1. Going through the temple with my brother Richard and his fiance Lara. They are getting married in one week! I can't wait! Yeah! Oh, and their engagement party at our cousins' the Smoots. We had all of our side there and invited all her siblings and parents. We went around and gave advice on marriage. It was a really fun party!

Ok, and here's my other list

Top 10 Things that should be in every Refrigerator for Summer:
10. Rocky Road Ice Cream (Dryers Slow Churn)
9. Girards Champagne Salad Dressing (thanks Kendra!)
8. Paul Newman's SouthWest Salad Dressing (amazing in pasta salads)
7. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
6. Target's Market Pantry drink mixes. Comes in strawberry daquiri and lime margarita. (comes as a frozen concentrate) Yum-O!
5. A bag of frozen edamame.
4. Mrs. Dash 10 minute marinade (amazing on meats and vegetables on the BBQ)
3. A fresh bunch of cilantro
2. Dole 100% juice (just add ice for a slushie)
1. Ok! All the fresh fruits/vegetables in season: corn, peas, peaches, watermelon, cherries, zucchinins, squash, there are too many to list them all.

I love summer!


shayla smoot said...

Sounds like you have had a really good time! Thank you for finally posting!! Ha ha.

Mike & Shelby said...

That Liam is too cute! Love those big beautiful eyes! Happy first birthday to him.

And I totally agree with your edamame always being in the fridge! I LOVE fact, it's been a recent addiction. YUM!

Mike & Shelby said... fact, thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to post about it.

Kristen said...

What a cutie...and Liam, too! Come visit me this week!

Just me said...

Its great to hear from you again!. Liam is so cute in the pictures, as usually.

I´ll be in UT in 5 days, I cant believe it!, I hope we ´ll be able to see each other.

Have a nice day.

A big hug from Spain.

AngiDe said...

What a little sweetie pie Liam is!!! I just love his little face! It's fun to see what you guys have been up to. We are sad to have missed yet another summer in Utah! :(
P.S. this might be a dumb question but what is edamame?

Brett and Becca Muir said...

I am so happy to see you blogging again! It looks like liam had a fun birthday he is so dang cute! summer is just so much fun we have loved seeing you guys!!!

Kendal and Kendra said...

Yay- a new post! Liam looks so cute on his birthday! I hope our boy is as cute as him! The lists- so perfect! Fresh fruit and veggies are the perfect thing for summer! Play date next week?

Kimberly and Jason Enlow said...

Happy Birthday to Liam. He is so handsome. Really I want to say adorable! I have been thinking of you all this week with Richard's wedding. We were so happy to get the announcement. They look so happy! We have bought them a gift, but it is on back order from Deseret Book. It will be mailed to your mom's house when it becomes available. Will you please tell them we are so happy for them and wish we could have been there. If you have some pictures to post we would love to see them. Love ya,